1. Save Sky​

Our focus is to care the best part of biosphere (sky), through prevention and protection of our ecosystem in urban areas. To sustain it for our future generations by inspiring each individual to put hands together and take actions that will make the world a better place.

How to get on with it

Activity 01

Native nature experience trips

Activity 02

Native Mini forest project

Activity 03

Outreach program

Activity 04

Sky joint adventure

Activity 05

Save Sky clubs

Native nature experience trips

This is done to support low carbon emission environmental educational activities:

contact info

Kefa Victor +886 921423342 kefavictor98@gmail.com No. 1, Changchang Road, Guiren District, Tainan City 711301

Native Mini forest project

By following local government regulations we will ask small areas of tennis ground size (23.77m * 10.97). Characteristically making it dense by planting saplings about 3(1m2 ), shrubs and grass

Outreach program

➢ Doing workshops (online and physical) ➢ conference speeches ➢ media tours ➢ visit institutes Note: to promote our campaigns, share our projects and do green economy environment education.

Sky joint adventures

Working in collaboration with institutes, community environmental groups, community/ environmental foundations, organizations, donors and eco- product companies (stake holders) to help out our communities, starting from family level and develop policies to expand market access for renewable energy service and ecoproducts.

Save Sky clu

These clubs can be from elementary schools to universities, we focus on giving young people platforms to share there talents, creativities, heart desires to save our current earth for the future generations. Allowing them to share new related projects or do our office projects.

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