Envirokids - Environmental Education against Climate Change

Envirokids - Environmental Education against Climate Change

Envirokids: Environmental Education against climate change

We at Envirokids provide environmental education to young people in Tanzania. Our purpose is to empower a new generation of green leaders with partnerships from From Primary Schools to Universities. Together, we form a platform for young people to act and engage extensively against climate change by providing environmental education, introducing school clubs and engage the kids by initiating various activities. One of our key projects are tree nurseries for hands-on responsibility, that are maintained by the kids themselves in school clubs.

We strongly believe, that these kids are the future ambassadors that bring awareness to the communities, especially the younger generation that will help bridge the poverty gap and mitigate climate change in Tanzania and the world.


We provide environmental education,
practices and influence communities and young people on matters of conserving and protecting the environment​


We aim to be the global leader in environmental and community services providing awareness to the community about sustainability –
which begins with educating the littlest of us.


Do you want to help as well? Then join the movement!

As an environmental conservation volunteer, with Enviro kids Organization ,you can make a direct positive impact on environment ,while exploring an incredible new part of the world, immersing yourself in a different culture and making meaningful friendships 

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In order to fund our activities, donations are always warmly welcomed. Your money will be used directly to educate Children in Mwanza Region on environment and sustainability. Creating the great long-term impact that makes the different in saving our planet.


Hey Directors, Why do you engage for Envirokids?

"Saving our environment is a communication challenge for generations .Envirokids provide solutions, a better way through environmental education that can be passed to generations .By changing our mindset saving the nature will become our culture and there will be a sustainable future."
Amani Elisante Nnko
“Saving the planet is a longterm achievement for the generations to come. So we need to take them in at first. Thats what we do at envirokids - helping our generations to come saving the planet with us"
Carolin Rautenberg
“While there is a lot to be worried about concerning the climate and nature crisis, with Envirokids Organization we are confident that we can bring changes and save our planet."
Jeremiah, Co-Founder
Jeremiah Steven
"Within Envirokids Organization we allow Kids and all individuals to explore environmental issues, engage in problem solving and take action to improve the environment. As a result, the young generation develop a deeper understanding of sustainability and have the skills to make informed and responsible decisions."
Emanuel Rubeni
Executive Secretary

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