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Based at Mwanza, Tanzania, Envirokids Organization is about  environmental conservation. We are known for providing environmental education and developing environmental awareness to the community with a focus of the youth.

Envirokids helps to create a better and more accessible environmental education to the community and promote actions that will restore the climate change which has become a global problem. To achieve our goal, we disseminate best practices to inspire environmental protection


Envirokids Organization has been founded 2020 in Tanzania by Amani Nnko. It’s pioneering approach was inspired by the experience of Amani and his friend Jeremiah Steven, when drought was, and increasingly still is, threatening the local communities of Tanzania. Despite being affected by climate change, Trees are cut down for charcoal production leading to ongoing deforestation. The underlying problem is the lack of environmental education of the communities failing thus to assess for example the direct correlation of drought and deforestation. This is where we step in at Envirokids to enable a new environmental conscious generation with the power to transform their communities.

Envirokids Organization is committed to a healthier environment for  everyone. We pursue a vision of the world where environmental awareness indispensable to the community. Thus, ensuring sustainable development.


Sustainability and Environmental Education


While sustainable education is the basis for change, we believe in practical realisation in the same course.

That’s why we plant trees together with the students and give the kids the chance to put what they have learned into practice. Together we take responsibility. The effect is immediately visible – In the past few months, we set up tree nurseries at our partner schools. These are maintained by our kids in their own school clubs. Our leading boys secondary school alone managed to plant and guard over 10.000 Trees, ready to be distributed around their school and the surrounding communities.

Mwanza is greening up – we love it!

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