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About us – Envirokids: Located in Mwanza, Tanzania, Envirokids Organization spearheads projects aimed at enhancing environmental conservation. Our focus lies in providing environmental education and fostering environmental awareness within the community. Particularly among the youth. With this purpose in mind, we actively engage with schools hence seamlessly integrating environmental curricula into playful learning experiences.

Furthermore, through inspiring actions to combat climate change and by sharing best practices, we ignite a passion for protecting our planet. Join us in championing this cause and contribute to restoring the balance of our beautiful Earth alongside the children. While we execute the projects, our initiatives are bolstered by the support of our partner NGO, Envirokids e.V., based in Germany.


Established in 2020 in Tanzania by Amani Nnko, our NGO, Envirokids, was born out of a pioneering vision. At this time, Amani and his friend Jeremiah recognized the urgent need for sustainable change, particularly in the face of recurring drought seasons threatening local communities in Tanzania. Despite the escalating impacts of climate change and deforestation, significantly exacerbated by the cutting down of trees for charcoal production, there is no single entity to blame. However, delving deeper into the issue reveals a critical lack of environmental education within these communities. Hindering their ability to grasp the direct correlation between drought and deforestation.

Nonetheless, Envirokids steps in to bridge this gap, empowering a new generation with the knowledge and tools to transform their communities. Because of the challenges of adopting new habits, our approach focuses on instilling environmental awareness from a young age. In our vision of a green future, environmental consciousness becomes ingrained within every community, indeed fostering truly sustainable development. It’s a future shaped by our children, starting today.


Sustainability and Environmental Education


While sustainable education serves as the foundation for change, we firmly believe in its practical implementation. Accordingly, alongside our educational initiatives, we actively engage students in hands-on activities such as tree planting. This approach not only provides children with the opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge but also fosters a sense of responsibility within the community. Moreover, the impact of these efforts is immediately visible.

For this reason, in recent months, we’ve established tree nurseries at our partner schools, which are maintained by students through their school clubs. Consequently our leading boys’ secondary school alone has successfully planted and safeguarded over 200,000 trees. Finally these trees are poised to be distributed within their school premises and the surrounding communities.

Mwanza is greening up – we love it!

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